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Website Audit / SEO Analysis / PPC Analysis

Website analysis / audit is crucial to any campaign as this could highlight any issues around the website and online marketing factors that may prevent your website from having the online exposure it deserves.

Website Audit

Whether its Pay Per Click, SEO or just overal traction in the market place it is vitally important that before any campaign starts that the existing website has a full audit to identify anything under the hood of your online business profile that could hinder the campaign.

Competitor Analysis

In order to compete against your competitors rankings we need to understand just exactly what they are doing and what you are not, identifying these issues will help towards creating a SEM campaign to compete.


Its important to see if the website is mobile friendly & if the user navigation smooth and simple. If your have trouble navigating around the website and if a page takes a while to load its fair to say your customers will be experiencing the same.

On-Page Factors

There are many on-page SEO factors that also crucial in getting the most from your campaign, within our website audit we check the overal front & backend HTML & CSS & all coding, the internal websites navigation and anchor text as well as reviewing the quantity and quality of your content and that the website is not already over optimised.

Off-Page Factors

There are again many external factors that may hold your online business back so we would examine the back link profile to see the trust and authority of your back link profile. By looking at your competitor and doing the analysis on them that will then help to identify what is needed on your campaign.

Whats the Budget?

If I had a pound for everytime time this was raised.... the simple way to look at this is that every business has different levels of bottom line profit to which a percentage should be put towards marketing so some companies have the ability to spend thousands and others dont. We will look to create a marketing campaign around your budget and your online needs that will help give you a lift and generate business which in tuen you will look to up your initial budget.

Creating A Winning SEM Campaign

With the full website analysis completed we can then start to plan and create a winning SEM campaign for you and your online business to get on the right track. Get in touch today and arrange a free no obligation consultation.

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